Stand Out

Book Listings allow for expanded promotion and self-promotion with access to a subscriber mailing list (monthly promotional letter), as well regular promotion across Twitter and other social media.

Be Heard

Create an author page for your marketing and fans. This is a ‘bare bones’ service for those who don’t want the hassle a full hosting service, but still need to be found online.

Build Something

Full Webpages give you an online platform in the form of a Blog, and including the ability to include Amazon Affiliate Links to help monetized your content.

List your book in the Directory

Directory Listing is free, and forever. For $10 per year we actively promote your book across social media.

Have an Author Page Created

For $20 a year we maintain an author page so you can be found online. A custom header can be created featuring your published book covers. Author pages feature your image, a brief bio, and list your published books. A great way to drive customers to your point of sale.   

Let us host your Blog/Page

For $60 per year we build a web-page for you. Standard templates are available, and features a Home Page, Published Works, and your Author Blog. Amazon Affiliates may monetise their blog posts. 

Author/Web Page Themes

We offer a range of themes to match the style of your work. Each theme comes with a header image and matching icon set for the most popular social media platforms.

More themes will be added as they develop.

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