Stand Out

Book Listings allow for expanded promotion and self-promotion with access to a subscriber mailing list (monthly promotional letter), as well regular promotion across Twitter and other social media.

Be Heard

Create an author page for your marketing and fans. This is a ‘bare bones’ service for those who don’t want the hassle a full hosting service, but still need to be found online.

Build Something

Full Webpages give you an online platform in the form of a Blog, and including the ability to include Amazon Affiliate Links to help monetized your content.

List your book in the Directory

Directory Listing is free, and forever. For $10 per year we actively promote your book across social media.

Have an Author Page Created

For $20 a year we maintain an author page so you can be found online. A custom header can be created featuring your published book covers. Author pages feature your image, a brief bio, and list your published books. A great way to drive customers to your point of sale.   

Let us host your Blog/Page

For $60 per year we build a web-page for you. Standard templates are available, and features a Home Page, Published Works, and your Author Blog. Amazon Affiliates may monetise their blog posts. 

Author/Webpage Themes

We offer a range of themes to match the style of your work.

Fire Theme

Coming Soon

Summer Theme

Coming Soon

Forest Theme

Coming Soon

Spring Theme

Coming Soon

Water Theme

Coming Soon

Ice Theme

Coming Soon

Ghostly Theme

Coming Soon

Bloody Theme

Coming Soon

Space Theme

Coming Soon

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