Arlock: Who we are

Arlock Web

We offer budget friendly services for Book Listings, hosting simple ‘Author Pages’, and full Webpages complete with blog. This is a no nonsense, no frills, no hidden costs, selection of services to writers.

Book Listings help you stand out by allowing for expanded promotion avenues with access to a subscriber mailing list (monthly promotional letter), as well regular promotion across Twitter and other social media. We provide the basic listing that you can use to reach readers.

Author Pages exist to create a stable online promotional presence to help you reach your audience. These can be used as promotional platforms to boost sales, or in the more traditional style to reach your fan-base. You can also redirected potential readers to where your books are sold. This is a ‘bare bones’ service for those who don’t want to sink the time or money into hosting their own site.

Webpages are full WordPress installations allowing for an Author page with the maintenance of an Author Blog. While we do the initial themed setup, you can maintain/modify your page if you want.



Arlock Publishing

Is a new imprint focused on four categories of Speculative Fiction. Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Supernatural/Horror. While it is tied closely with the Arlock Web, we are not accepting works at this time.